German short-haired pointer

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liver or liver-and-white hunting dog developed in Germany

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COSTLY OFFENCE: Adrian Hughes must pay up pounds 1,500; NOISE SOURCE: Hughes's German short-haired pointer
Eliza's miniskirted younger sister, Jo (Parker Posey), feels somewhat superior to her family, since she is accompanied by her boyfriend, Carl (Liev Schrieber), a would-be intellectual who confesses to aristocratic leanings and keeps Rita entertained with a detailed description of a ridiculously pretentious novel about a man with the head of a German short-haired pointer.
3) Amber Lambie and her German short-haired pointer, Sunny, placed second in junior showmanship.
The German short-haired pointer guys [his friends in NAVHDA] say she needs to go further, but why?
Bean Road, German short-haired pointer wandering around in yards all morning; animal control officer recognized dog and called the owner.
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