German shepherd

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breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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Hero climber Scott Pilling rushed to the rescue of German Shepherd Lilah and terrier Cash on a Peak District mountain, to the relief of Liverpool owner Colette Kilroy.
Imran Husain, who is one of the world's foremost authorities in the iconic German Shepherd Dog (GSD).
The event was organised by show leader (North) Atiq Akram Khan with the support of the board of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan (GSDCP) headed by GSDCP President Imran Husain and board member of WUSV.
Please come and find out what life with a German Shepherd is really like.
ARF German Shepherd Rescue said, "Doobert rocks as this was all set up in a day and this wouldn't have happened without their fabulous volunteers
A 9 months old German Shepherd male dog of 18 kg b.
Anton is the last of the German Shepherd puppies and is also extremely playful.
The German shepherd has to be under quarantine for 10 days.
The attack happened when the woman was walking a German Shepherd and a St Bernard puppy in a field off Ruthin Road in Bwlchgwyn on Friday, about 4.
Alfa Vold, a Canadian woman who runs a dog training centre called Canadian Jebel K9 in Muscat, started German Shepherd Rescue Oman earlier this year.
When Hazel and Boz and their two six-month-old pups were kicked out, the Devon German Shepherd Dog Rescue took them in.
A reactive German shepherd is difficult to handle and often the ones with this kind of issue get taken out less and less because they seem happier in the house.
The milestone was reached at West Midlands Police's Balsall Common base and almost all of the German Shepherd dogs can be traced back to a handful of animals from Europe.
In the informative afterword we learn that German Shepherd dogs became known as Alsatians in the UK during the First World War, because of anti-German feeling.
New York, April 23( ANI ): A German Shepherd cross ate his owner's head after it got trapped in her Spanish flat when she died.
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