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instruction in the German language

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Bobby Williamson's side were handed a German lesson they will never forget when the Bundesliga giants won the first leg 3-0 a fortnight ago.
Now your German lesson is over, I'll let you into a wee secret.
Sorry, no German lesson today, but ye cannae whack a bit of French now and then.
Both Ruth and Alistair had a German lesson together first.
The girl Gehring allegedly tried to seduce said they became friends at the Surrey school after a German lesson.
We need teachers who no longer forbid a pupil to talk Albanian in class; instead, they should stop in the middle of a German lesson and ask that child, 'How would you say this in Albanian?
Anyhow, my apologies for kicking off with a rant but you may consider it your German lesson for the day.
All I was shouting was, "relax", it's what entspann dich means, and it's your German lesson for the day.
So there you are, that's your German lesson for today, with an Antipodean flavour as it were
Jones, who has been operating from MAN Diesel & Turbo s UK office in Stockport so far, will take up residency in Ausgburg going forward: As new member of the board, I will pick up German lessons, relocate to the company s headquarters in Augsburg and make it my first home base.
An army of volunteers arrives every day to deliver German lessons, run football sessions, hand out donated clothing and serve free meals.
Experienced Year 12 French students and budding Year 9 German pupils embraced the opportunity to plan, prepare and deliver taster French and German lessons to the Year 6 pupils who have been in Ysgol Eirias, Colwyn Bay following their induction timetable this week.