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instruction in the German language

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OLD TIMES: German lesson spark soon fizzled out REUNITED: Rosie and Martyn are engaged
Bobby Williamson's side were handed a German lesson they will never forget when the Bundesliga giants won the first leg 3-0 a fortnight ago.
2 Steven Pressley gave his players a German lesson at half-time to ensure they didn't throw away three points against lowly Sons.
Now your German lesson is over, I'll let you into a wee secret.
Sorry, no German lesson today, but ye cannae whack a bit of French now and then.
Both Ruth and Alistair had a German lesson together first.
The girl Gehring allegedly tried to seduce said they became friends at the Surrey school after a German lesson.
We need teachers who no longer forbid a pupil to talk Albanian in class; instead, they should stop in the middle of a German lesson and ask that child, 'How would you say this in Albanian?
Anyhow, my apologies for kicking off with a rant but you may consider it your German lesson for the day.
All I was shouting was, "relax", it's what entspann dich means, and it's your German lesson for the day.
So there you are, that's your German lesson for today, with an Antipodean flavour as it were
We sometimes need to write notes on our phones but I'm starting German lessons and she's learning English.
The Language Course Programme of the German Embassy in Bahrain, located in Salmaniya, offers first-class German lessons corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, running courses for children and adults.