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Joint activities of social assistance institutions and labor market institutions - pilot "6 people - English course for beginners in the form of a fixed exchange rate including 100 hours of teaching (teaching hour is equal to 45 minutes) and 3 people - German language course for beginners in the form of a fixed exchange rate covering 100 hours of teaching (teaching hour is equal to 45 minutes).
The court ruled on Thursday that Germany can't require the spouses of Turkish immigrants to show basic knowledge of the German language as a condition for being granted a visa.
At the moment there are 9 Macedonian pupils who are scholarship holders in Germany and 6 at an international German language camp in Istanbul.
THE opening of Perspektive Kino, a cinematic survey aimed at giving local audiences a representative sample of German language film in a spirit of cultural exchange was held at Katara on Thursday.
This visit comes to learn about the educational system in the Sultanate and the experience of teaching the German language in the Sultanate's schools.
The events are: German language and cul-ture workshop, how to do business in Germany and the importance of understanding the German business culture: January 14 at Middlesbrough North East Chamber of Commerce.
Dr Gyrill Nunn said Germany and Pakistan have several common values and Pakistani students' learning of German language would play important role for improving the ties between the two countries.
The Namibian winners of the German language competition left for Germany this week.
The German language is filled with compound words - many of which simply go by shorthand versions based on initials.
According to a press release issued on Tuesday by the Goethe-Institut, the Education Ministry in Oman introduced the German language at five schools as a pilot project.
Summary: Germany's Ambassador to Lebanon Birgitta Siefker-Eberle launched Wednesday a project to teach the German language in a public school in Sidon.
This was stated by Colonel Klause Wolf, Defence Attach of German Embassy in a meeting with Rector NUML Maj Gen (Retd) Masood Hasan during his visit to NUML and they discussed matters relating to the German Language Department in the University.
Crime writing in the German language is vitally creative in the twenty-first century and poised to become a major influence on crime writing around the world.
The "Schools: Partners for the Future" initiative was launched in 2008 by German Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier with the aim of establishing a global network of schools that provide students with access to the German language and culture.
of Hendersonville, NC, recently signed a three-year contract to be represented by a German literary agency, Interpill Media, which plans to present the author's work to German language publishers throughout Germany.