German ivy

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South African succulent evergreen twining climber with yellow flowers grown primarily as a houseplant for its foliage

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German ivy is one of a list of ornamental plants, available in nurseries and costing good money, that can quickly become weeds in Los Angeles gardens and open spaces, and are virtually ineradicable.
Clearing German ivy to create a blank slate was the first step.
This group of so-called ivies includes grape-ivy Cissus rhombifoli, a German ivy Senecio mikanioides, Swedish-ivy Plectranthus oertendahlii, and Kenilworth ivy Cymbalaria muralis.
He points disgustedly at German ivy smothering a seasonal stream bed, and at stands of pampas grass overrunning a wide bend in the trail.
In the Golden Gate National Recreation Area around San Francisco, weekend volunteers laboriously pull up German ivy, ice plant and other non-native species.
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