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THE war medals of a British seafaring hero who single-handedly took on a German U-Boat are up for sale in Cardiff today - and collectors around the world are trying to snap them up.
However, rarely has the epic campaign to defeat the German U-boat menace been viewed through the lens of the life and personality of one of America's greatest literary figures.
Vaeth fills this void by also examining the Navy's involvement in balloon racing and how blimps helped defeat German U-boats and patrol the coasts of the United States during World War II.
Although German U-boats of the period had to surface frequently to recharge, the RAF then had no means of locating them in the dark.
The first book (reviewed in KLIATT, January 2004) is about German U-Boats off the North Carolina coast in the early days of WW II.
A convoy of Allied ships is sailing across the Atlantic into enemy waters - but by breaking the code, the British will be able to discover the positions of the German U-boats.
submarine hunters will next week risk their lives in a search for a fleet of German U-boats sunk in the Irish Sea.
Radar would be crucial in the grim duel in what Churchill dubbed the Battle of the Atlantic as German U-boats wrought havoc on merchant shipping in an attempt to starve Britain into submission.
The O'Brien was the last of the nation's seaworthy Liberty ships, the World War II cargo vessels that faced German U-boats to keep supplies flowing to Allied forces.
Veterans gathered at the Zeebrugge Memorial at the ferry terminal to remember the brave attempt by the Royal Navy to neutralise the Belgian port, which was used as a base for German U-boats.
Sunderland flying-boats flew out of Pembroke Dock during the Battle of the Atlantic -when they were used to attack German U-boats sinking vital Allied supply ships.
On Saturday it will be launched with its 1940s look - a time when agriculture played a vital role as Britain faced the threat of being starved into submission with German U-boats taking a terrible toll on shipping bringing in supplies.
Maurice told Vincent how after a year training to be a wireless operator, he was part of an aircrew patrolling the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, looking for German U-boats.
Caroline performed its function as a drill ship up until 2011, apart from during World War Two when it was used as an operations HQ for the efforts to protect the Atlantic convoys from German U-Boats.
Ivor Beaven, 89, of Cardiff, who was among those who ran the gauntlet of German U-boats on the Arctic Convoys to deliver supplies to Russian allies, said: "It's been a long time coming.