Nazi Germany

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the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)


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While Russia cannot be either a new edition of the Stalinist Soviet Union or a reinvention of itself in the form of say a German Third Reich, the United States is seen by a considerable segment of the Russian elite as the country's major geopolitical rival, as a grand empire.
Britain would now be a province of the German Third Reich but for America and those of us who fought in the Second World War will not forget how near we came to total defeat.
evaluates the American corporation's ownership of the European automaker, Opel, and its dealings with the German Third Reich in the years preceding and during World War II.
One can turn to nursing publications contemporaneous with the German Third Reich (1933-45) to explore the profession's responses in the U.
It wrote: "At midnight last night, with the formal `cease fire' on all fronts, the German Third Reich ceased its legal existence and its government ceased to function.