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breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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One of the cows | that died after being attacked by two German shepherd dogs
Jayne Shenstone, of German Shepherd Dog Rescue, said: "No one I know was approached to re-home these dogs.
The German shepherd dog savaged a man running past the Anglesey farm where the animal lived.
South Wales Police recently bought six German Shepherd dogs from a London dealer and two puppies from Scotland.
In her spare time, Webmaster Gretchen volunteers as a Base Camp Operator for SARDOM, a local Search and Rescue team that utilizes air-scenting German Shepherd dogs to find lost persons in a variety of situations.
Sgt Justin Watt, at the police dog training centre in Bridgend, said: ``We rely on German shepherd dogs donated by the public, and urge anyone who may have a dog or a bitch with potential to contact us.
All we had to do was just cling to the fact that we'd learned our lines and say them at the right time, because those German shepherd dogs and those SS uniforms and those 'kapos' in their striped suits and truncheons, and the blinding snow that happened to fall on every single take, was something that I will never, never, never forget.
Bronze German shepherd dogs, menacing as they strain their leashes, bare their teeth at you; a boy and girl try to escape from a water cannon; other children are glimpsed through prison bars.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) announced today the line-up for its tribute to celebrate 100 years of German Shepherd Dogs service to America, which will take place at a ceremony beginning at 8:00 p.
com)-- German Shepherd Christmas Puppies for Sale at WustenBergerLand breeds, trains German Shepherd dogs, has German Shepherd Puppies for sale, provides training to protection dogs for the last 40 years from Agua Dulce, Los Angeles, California.
AN ORGANISATION which re-homes German Shepherd dogs last night protested over the RSPCA's decision to put down 10 of the dogs using a captive bolt gun after their owner died.
Durham Police created the "puppycam" just before Christmas when the litter of German Shepherd dogs was born.
A DONATION of pounds 500 has been handed over to Acorns Children's Hospice from the Coventry branch of the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs.
Cleveland Police are seeking young German Shepherd dogs, aged between one and two years old, to become canine crimefighters on Teesside.
The walk was organised by the Huddersfield branch of the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs.
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