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an arm of the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Scandinavia

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However, German sea and air forces were never fully co-ordinated as the Germans did not have anything similar to Britain's Fleet Air Arm, the branch of the Royal Navy responsible for the operation of aircraft.
The selection of James' work reflects his diversity, from the arresting Welder to the meditative German Sea.
A HUGE Second World War German sea mine caught in the net of a fishing trawler was blown up yesterday off the coast of South Wales.
Wulf Hoffmann, a German sea captain-turned-entrepreneur, had rescued the lighthouse-ship from being scrapped in 1991 and towed it all the way by sea from England to Hamburg.
Three German maritime patrol aircraft recently began conducting reconnaissance operations from Mombassa, Kenya, and two German Sea King helicopters are based in Djibouti.
EXCITING plans for a Cavern Quarter-style music themed area in the German sea port of Hamburg - where the Beatles first hammered out their distinctive musical skills - are being drawn up by songwriter and showbiz promoter Ulf Kruger, who has also written a book about the city's links with the Fab Four.
Preparing for Weltpolitik: German Sea Power before the Tirpitz Era.
78) Specifically, the 5th Air Fleet was responsible for cooperating with naval forces, providing security for German sea supplies, conducting offensive mining, and defending against enemy raids.