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an arm of the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Scandinavia

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Three German maritime patrol aircraft recently began conducting reconnaissance operations from Mombassa, Kenya, and two German Sea King helicopters are based in Djibouti.
EXCITING plans for a Cavern Quarter-style music themed area in the German sea port of Hamburg - where the Beatles first hammered out their distinctive musical skills - are being drawn up by songwriter and showbiz promoter Ulf Kruger, who has also written a book about the city's links with the Fab Four.
On display at Merseyside Maritime Museum is a huge, seven-foot long German sea mine which almost breathes menace.
It was typical of his laid-back, anything-to-please style, and, if you can't find a gipsy violinist, a pipeplaying German sea captain certainly has novelty value.
A GERMAN sea captain tried to steer his ship out of a Scots port while over the booze limit.
AN EX-SAILOR from Liverpool has received a special gift from a German sea captain.