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a religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches


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46) The active exclusion of German Catholics from the 1883 Luther anniversaries is remarkable in light of the attendance of Catholics, Reformed, and in some cases even Jews at the 1817 and 1917 anniversaries of the German Reformation, and the 1830 anniversaries of the Augsburg Confession.
In his essay on German Reformation research since World War Two, Thomas Kaufmann finds parallel tracks with the research emphases and arguments for the sixteenth century and the political history of early post-war Germany, the period of divided states, and since reunification.
It is in this context, that Martens's work assumes its most significant role: to serve as a valuable historic reference point for future scholars of Hutterite music, yet also for those interested in the music of the German Reformation generally and of nonconformist Anabaptist groups in particular, in addition to its insights on musical change and continuity.
For one thing, the debate has been limited almost entirely to historians of the German Reformation.
Nor is it difficult to see the attraction of this figure for the German Reformation, where participants in dialogues are frequently ambiguous.
And Weber, in particular, was looking backwards from the preoccupations of the German Reformation, for precursors.
Debates about the urban German Reformation have produced some wonderful scholarship over the past several decades.
Christian Magistrate and Territorial Church: Johannes Brenz and the German Reformation.
This important book will have an enduring impact on German Reformation studies.
Gerald Strauss, Luther's House of Learning: Indoctrination of the Young in the German Reformation (Baltimore, 1978), p.
Such access, Scribner said, made the German Reformation a mass movement.
This book is the first of a three-volume English translation of the correspondence of a major figure of Christian (or Erasmian) humanism and the early German Reformation, Wolfgang Fabricius Capito.
Sexual Utopianism in the German Reformation," traces shifts in the ways people understood marriage and sexuality.
Hendrix, "Considering the Clergy's Side: A Multilateral View of Anticlericalism"; and Hans-Christoph Rublack, "Anticlericalism in German Reformation Pamphlets," all in Dykema and Oberman, Anticlericalism, 367-378, 449459, and 461-489.
In this volume of the Blackwell Essential Readings in History series, the editor has collected eight "key essays on the most recent interpretations of the German Reformation movement," as it quite rightly was called on the cover.