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an arm of the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Scandinavia

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The slogan of the trip is renew, because to use renewable energies as soon as possible is the most effective way to save the oceans -- 93 percent of all the pollution is going to the ocean," said Frank Schweikert, a biologist and one of the founders of the German Ocean Foundation.
In what was an amazing journey for the time, David and Margaret Keay sailed to New York on the famous express German ocean liner SS Bremen, in September 1939, recalled their son, also called David Keay, of Crosby.
7) 104 Resource management (7) 107 Beau - - -, noble gesture (5) 108 Candidates (8) 110 Refuse to acknowledge (6) 112 Lack of red blood cells (7) 113 Mouth-like opening (7) 114 Collection of gold and jewels (8) 115 Fare-paying travellers (10) 116 Boxing division (11) 1 Backing, encouraging (10) 2 Adjournment (10) 3 Glorify (5) 4 Wisdom after the event (9) 5 Man From - - -, cult 60's TV show (inits) (5) 6 Computer missive (1-4) 7 Charming (8) 8 Modern name for the German Ocean (5,3) 9 However (3) 10 Abdicating (9) 11 Kill all germs (9) 12 Peter Pan character (4) 13 Servant?
The German Ocean and the Frisian Sea were early names for what?
On my recent expedition off the coast of Peru, we equipped TETHYS mass spectrometers on seafloor landers developed by the German ocean research institute IFM-Geomar.
Louis" affair, the tragic story about the more than 900 German Jewish passengers on board the German ocean liner bound for Havana, Cuba.
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