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a form of socialism featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader

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The similarities between the Jewish messianic trend and German Nazism are glaring.
As Soviet and East German records emerged, people asked whether Soviet Communism and German Nazism -- ostensibly opposite ends of the political spectrum -- hadn't in some ways been comparable, two totalitarian systems in which the gulag was no less barbaric than the concentration camp.
Italian fascism, German Nazism, and Russian communism were, we should remember, mass movements that depended for their early success upon a broad base of democratic support.
This volume is also a formidable scholarly and narrative achievement, but what also makes it distinctive is its effort to make some connection between German Nazism and American racism.
After his schooling in Moscow, Vladimir joined the Red Army during World War II and became one of the liberators of Berlin from German Nazism.
Officials in her old neighborhood of Schoeneberg, who lauded the late actress's ``fierce resistance to German Nazism,'' have received letters and phone calls from people calling her a ``non-German'' and a ``traitor to the Fatherland.
Yet it is unclear that Fichte's situation in 1807 and that of German nazism in the twentieth century is even roughly similar.
The issue of linkages between Afrikaner nationalists and German nazism has a long and chequered career.
The infamous mouthpiece of German Nazism, Adolf Hitler's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, was once a shy, romantic college student with "Marxist leanings" according to an American auction company which is about to sell an archive of his early letters.
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