German Democratic Republic

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a republic in north central Europe on the Baltic


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36 BVerfGE at 7; DECISIONS, supra note 20, at 249 (explaining that, according to the promulgation in the Federal Gazette of June 22, 1973, the Treaty entered into force on June 21, 1973, "following the exchange of corresponding notes between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of the German Democratic Republic, which took place on 20 June 1973 in Bonn").
She is also the first former citizen of the German Democratic Republic to lead the reunited Germany and the first woman to lead Germany since it became a modern nation-state in 1871.
Better known as the "Wall of Shame," it stood until the fall of 1989 when, after several weeks of civil unrest, the East German government announced that on November 9, all citizens of the German Democratic Republic would be free to visit West Germany and West Berlin.
net and is the author of a recent book on the churches in the German Democratic Republic.
Within Walls: Private Life in the German Democratic Republic.
In the past several years, strong, cleverly made feature films on the former German Democratic Republic have collected international audiences and awards.
3 1990, the German Democratic Republic acceded to the Federal Republic of Germany, thus completing German reunification after four and a half decades of separation.
Donna Harsch, Revenge of the Domestic: Women, the Family, and Communism in the German Democratic Republic (Princeton: Princeton University Press 2007)
They also stated that the former German Democratic Republic offered free holidays to the country for striking miners and their families.
He remained there until 1947 when he was sent back to the USSR before being finally released to the German Democratic Republic in 1956.
WA) (LSE: UNC), may have to pay Germany up to EUR240m in a court case involving the embezzlement of funds from companies in the former German Democratic Republic, or GDR, Bank Austria said.
James, from Mount Florida in Glasgow, described East Germany, the German Democratic Republic, as "Prussian militarism meets communism, the worst possible combination".
The provisional German Democratic Republic government had anticipated commercial interest in the Wall and had awarded East German foreign trade company Limex-Bau a contract to market individual segments.
The opening of the German-German border gave him the previously unimaginable opportunity to travel through the German Democratic Republic during the brief, adrenaline-charged interregnum between the wall's fall (November 1989) and unification (October 1990).
The demise of the Berlin Wall was followed in 1990 by the unification of the Scorpions' native West Germany with communist East Germany, misleadingly known as the German Democratic Republic (GDR), into one democratic country.
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