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a spermatozoon or an ovum

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Personalized chemotherapy based on tumour marker decline in poor prognosis germ-cell tumours (GETUG 13): A phase 3, multicentre, randomized trial.
Hematologic neoplasia associated with primary mediastinal germ-cell tumours.
The next issue is whether methylation of the LDHA promoter is a common mechanism underlying increased LD1 concentrations in germ-cell tumors.
reported that 60-85% of ovarian neoplasm of Paediatric age group were of germ-cell origin (6).
Flow-cytometric and quantitative histologic parameters as prognostic indicators for occult retroperitoneal disease in clinical-stage-I non-seminomatous testicular germ-cell tumors.
Washington, June 30 (ANI): Scientists at the National Institutes of Health claim to have identified the second gene that can increase a man's risk of familial, or inherited, testicular germ-cell cancer.
Kenyon cautions that the germ-cell connection to longevity she found in nematodes may not apply to mice.
Failure of high-dose cyclophosphamide and etoposide combined with double-dose cisplatin and bone marrow support in patients with high-volume metastatic nonseminomatous germ-cell tumours: mature results of a randomised trial.
Germ-cell tumors in childhood and adolescence: GPOH MAKEI and the MAHO study groups.
The other type, germ-cell transfer, enables the patient to pass the new gene to offspring.
High-dose versus conventional dose chemotherapy as first-salvage treatment in patients with non-seminomatous germ-cell tumors: a matched-pair analysis.
27) Stage-specific markers of germ-cell maturation, including SCP1, SSX, and XPA, have been demonstrated in spermatocytic seminoma.
Clinical pattern and therapeutic results achieved in 1490 patients with germ-cell tumours of the testis: the experience of the Spanish Germ-Cell Cancer Group (GG).