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a spermatozoon or an ovum

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Measurement of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) [1] is an important adjunct method in the diagnosis of germ cell tumors.
Adjudin is one such analog that was shown--using assays established by cell biologist Dolores Mruk in Cheng's laboratory--to deplete germ cells from the testis.
Research using adult stem cells and embryonic germ cells from aborted fetuses has advanced significantly, but most researchers agree that studying embryonic stem cells from humans is essential.
Abstract: Germinomas are the most common type of germ cell tumor occurring commonly before the second decade of life.
She cautioned that the results have to be confirmed, and that researchers must still determine the mechanisms that sustain germ cells and assess the relative use of follicles generated during fetal life, compared with those produced by adult germ cells.
Among the different kinds of cells within the embryoid bodies were germ cells destined to become sperm.
Every body harbors a line of immortal cells: the germ cells that produce eggs and sperm.
Over 90% of cancers of the testicle develop in certain cells known as germ cells.
Teratomas are believed to arise both from germ cells in their course of migration during embryogenesis and from nongerm embryonic cells that have escaped their regulatory influences.
It involves extracting primitive male germ cells from a man unable to produce spermatozoa for transfer into the testes of laboratory rats or mice.
A pocket of cells, known as embryonic germ cells, is protected from the commitment process so as to create the next generation of eggs and sperm.
The contents cover the production and regeneration of female and male germ cells, trophoblasts and endometrium from human embryonic and adult stem cells.
The first process, termed germ cell death (GCD), eliminates about 25% of the pre-meiotic germ cells through an ACD pathway.
2000) and aggregation of germ cells in the seminiferous cords (Barlow and Foster 2003; Kleymenova et al.