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(Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table


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Last weekend Gereint and his friends took part in a gruelling walk starting in Crystal Palace, moving clockwise around to Charlton, and helping smash the challenge's target of PS5,000.
The walk was expected to take around 161/2 hours and covering 44 miles," said 29-year-old Gereint.
SO PROUD: County council principal librarian Bill Fleming (left) and the county's quality and best value officer Gereint Stoneman
Last was Gereint Stoneman, whose bus journey took him 40 minutes.
FORGING AHEAD: Cyclist Mike Holdsworth with (from left) rail user Stacy Smith, car driver Brenda Finn and bus passenger Gereint Stoneman
Further evidence for gwirod as the best liquor occurs in the twelfth-ceatury romance of Gereint, who dined with the Little King and Earl Ywein, enjoying ~ample attendance and an abundance of dishes and profusioa of drink (lluossogrwyd o wirodeu)'.
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