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During the meeting of Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova with her Romanian counterpart Andrei Gerea the two agreed that the achievement of a diversification of gas supply sources and routes for Southeastern Europe was a priority issue.
Petkova acquainted Gerea with the implementation of the Bulgaria-Greece gas grid interconnector project, stressing that construction works were scheduled to start in March 2016 and the pipeline was to be built by 2018.
The Pai Gerea does not create a canoe in the sense that he produces it; rather he brings forth the canoe from the tree in which it is held.
In addition to our land-use challenges, we must also deal with very mountainous, rugged terrain covering the majority of Papua New Guinea," said Gerea Aopi, chief executive officer of Telikom (PNG) Ltd, a division of PTC.
According to comments of Romanian Energy Minister Andrei Gerea, as cited by the Romania Libera newspaper and investor.