Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt

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German field marshal in World War II who directed the conquest of Poland and led the Ardennes counteroffensive (1875-1953)

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German Field-Marshal Model reported to his superior, Field-Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, that the situation along the Lower Rhine was deteriorating dramatically and that, for the past week, he had been able to do no more than delay British actions.
It was commanded by Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt, who had performed a near miracle when he stabilized the German line after the Allies successfully crossed the English Channel to invade Nazi-occupied France at Normandy the preceding June.
Manstein's plan, no matter how brilliant, would never have seen the light of day had it not been given a sympathetic hearing not only by Hitler--bold ideas were very much to his liking--but also by Manstein's rather conservative-minded commander, General Gerd von Rundstedt.
Uebershar, Vogel, and Goda show that numerous officers (Erich von Manstein, Gerd von Rundstedt, Gunther von Kluge, and Hans Guderian, to name a few) who later claimed that their sense of duty and honor had precluded their joining the anti-Hitler conspiracy accepted large, covert monetary gifts from the fuhrer.
The topics given more than a little attention include the dispute between Erwin Rommel and Gerd von Rundstedt, nominal commander of the Western Front, on how best to defend the Atlantic Wall; the plot to assassinate Hitler, Rommel's association with it, and the effect it had on how the German army fought in Normandy; and the paralysis of command on the German Western Front brought about by Hitler's meddling in what should have been the theater commanders' purview.