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small Old World burrowing desert rodent with long soft pale fur and hind legs adapted for leaping

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EXCESSIVE drinking is sometimes seen in the older gerbil and two common causes are diabetes and kidney problems.
YOUR gerbil might have a condition called nasal dermatitis, which can result from a gerbil's habit of burrowing that in turn can cause small facial abrasions.
In the last two weeks, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits are among the pets dumped at the gates of the Cheltenham Animal Shelter in Gloucestershire.
This appears to be a way of spreading the message to the rest of the gerbils family.
Stress and illness can also cause aggression, so you should get the gerbils checked by a vet to make sure that this is not the cause of the gerbils' behaviour.
Home checks will be carried out and an adoption fee of pounds 20 is payable for guinea pigs and a donation for the chickens and gerbils.
NCool an over-heated gerbil by wrapping it in a cloth soaked in cool water and encourage them to drink.
In southern Africa, the hairy-footed and the short-tailed gerbils poke into a ground-hugging lily, slurping nectar and emerging dusted with pollen, says Steven D.
THE head of the British Secret Service yesterday revealed a secret weapon in their fight to catch spies - the gerbil.
Ally, from Forfar, said thanks yesterday to the mystery Dundee shopper who left the gerbils.
In the studies at Brandeis, when groups of gerbils were given either phytosterols or OmegaSource alone, their cholesterol levels decreased by over 30%.
Epilepsy in gerbils usually starts at around two months of age and often increases in severity until six months of age.
But the centre is still trying to find homes for gerbils that were abandoned in Coventry's West Orchard shopping centre.
MONGOLIAN gerbils do prefer to live in groups and females will usually live together well.
Dogs, sheep, cats, gerbils, and pigs can all harbor H.