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type genus of the Gerbillinae: typical gerbils

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Psamomys obeesus, Meriones crassus, Microtus guentheri, Meriones tristrami, Gerbillus spp.
0) tristrami ([dagger]) Sekeetamys 10/10 (100) calurus ([dagger]) Gerbillus 9/10 (90.
These remains belonged to either Meriones or Gerbillus (Gerbilidae) and we divided them between the two genera by their relative amount actually found in the identifiable remains.
There were no differences in percent rodents (as a group) in the diet among localities, but rodent genera composition differed among localities: percent Gerbillus among rodents changed from 63-70% in Gevulot, Revivim, and Tse'elim to 43% in Tzohar, and 16% in Sde Boqer, and only 1-2% in Nirim and Omer, while the proportion of Meriones was highest (42-46%) in Nirim and Omer, 17-20% in Revivim, Tse'elim, Gevulot, and Tzohar and 10% in Sde Boqer.
Energy cost of ectoparasitism: the flea Xenopsylla ramesis on the desert gerbil Gerbillus dasyurus.