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French pope from 999 to 1003 who was noted for his great learning (945-1003)


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During a trip back to ancient Greece, Halley's Comet dropped Erbert and Gerbert off for a visit to Delphi.
In particular, men like Bacon, and Gerbert often preferred the results of their own experiment and observation over the authority of ancient, written sources (Bacon's writings on optics are a good example of this).
Schwarz EB, Gerbert B and Gonzales R, Need for emergency contraception in urgent care settings, Contraception, 2007, 75(4):285-288.
A ruling triumvirate, overseen by a supervisory board of public officials and individual directors, is charged with keeping that motor humming: Rabl-Stadler, Intendant Jurgen Flimm (effectively the festival's Artistic Director) and Chief Financial Officer Gerbert Schwaighofer.
At $175 million, this new connection is one of largest telecom infrastructure projects in the last decade--not only in Alaska, but also across the United States, says Steve Gerbert, ACS director of project management.
It is hard to gauge which theorists' writings will be available in full text: works by Praetorius, Tinctoris, De Vitry, Martin Gerbert, and Riemann appear in full text, while works by Zarlino, Pietro Aaron, Virdung, Schenker, and Schoenberg are only partially or not at all viewable.
Its features include a polyurethane coating that reduces maintenance costs and an antibacterial surface coating that provides a healthy environment, particularly in a gym, says Rich Campbell, executive vice president of Gerbert Limited, the U.
Includes: Clifford Davidson, "Memory, the Resurrection, and Early Drama"; "Violence and the Saint Play"; "British Saint Play Records"; "Illusion, Truth, and Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale"; "Thomas Cranmer and the Vision of Historical Drama"; "Repentence and the Fountain: The Transformation of Symbols in English Emblem Books"; "Robert Southwell: Lyric Poetry, the Restoration of Images, and Martyrdom"; "George Gerbert and the Architecture of Anglican Worship"; and "The Anglican Setting of Richard Crashaw's Devotional Verse.
I'm innocent," she said at an event where the police presented the accused to the media along with the accusers, Gerbert Joel Ramirez, Santos Sanchez Ayala, and Mario Jaime Ortez.
17) There are also elements of the story of Gerbert of Aurillac (Pope Sylvester II, 999-1003), said to have learned astrology from Iberian Saracens and become pope thanks to a devil pact.
Using an innovative interactive multimedia, video doctor technology, Gerbert and colleagues (2003) developed a patient-centered, supportive, nonjudgmental intervention based on motivational interviewing.
19) Additionally, he copied two extracts from Bede's De temporum ratione, Gerbert of Aurillac's treatise De numerorum divisione (as well as a commentary on his Regulas abaci), and a fragment from Hedger of Laubach's Regulae de numerorum abaci rationibus.
By initiative of abbot Martin Gerbert the bones were brought to his newly rebuilt monastery, St Blasien in the Black Forest.
Aristocratic life in Medieval France: the Romances of Jean Renart and Gerbert de Montreuil, 1190-1230, by John W.
Gerbert, International Discovery After Aerospatiale: The Quest for an Analytical Framework, 82 AM.