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Flemish geographer who lived in Germany

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Andrew Taylor's World Of Gerard Mercator (0802713777, $26.
Gerard Mercator, born early in the 16th century to a cobbler in northern Europe, would be the man to solve the riddle that had vexed cartographers for so long: how to convert a three-dimensional globe into a two-dimensional map without losing compass bearings.
Mercator by Nicholas Crane (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, pounds 20) YOU may never have heard of Gerard Mercator but you would be lost without him - because he is the father of map-making.
Gerard Mercator, who gave his name to the projection in which the meridians and parallels are all drawn at 90 was the first man to coin the term "atlas" to refer to sets of bound maps.
Even the most famous map-maker in history, Gerard Mercator, was drawn into a web of treachery and deceit when he became entangled in a dangerous plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I.