Gerard Manley Hopkins

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English poet (1844-1889)


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The word reck is beloved, especially of Gerard Manley Hopkins, the profoundly religious 19th-century English poet, whose mastery and use of the English language in versification is captivating and may, nevertheless, sway even the non-religious mind that mine is.
Mined with a Motion": The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins (New Brunswick: Rutgers Univ.
Religion y etica luchaban en el contra estetica y sensualidad", escribio Luis Cernuda acerca Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.
It could be that a bird sings I am sparrow, sparrow, sparrow, as Gerard Manley Hopkins suggests: "myself it speaks and spells, Crying What I do is me: for that I came.
Farrell also read the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem 'The Leaden Echo And The Golden Echo' at her funeral and spoke later about how much he missed her.
Dennis Sobolev's study of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins is an extraordinarily ambitious undertaking, as the page count alone reveals.
Using the writings of Gerard Manley Hopkins as a representation of a larger Victorian ecological sensibility, Parham argues that Victorian-era literary figures were interested in the elements which later combined to form the science of ecology, and that they were closely connected to the emergence of an early "green politics.
Both were 25 that year and both intensely interested in Gerard Manley Hopkins.
LIVERPOOL Hope University has this week completed the assignment of the current lease of Gerard Manley Hopkins Hall from Cosmopolitan Student Homes for the remaining 28 years of its leasehold ins terest, for an undisclosed sum.
Two Israeli scholars, Meyer and Deshen, explain how a rabbinic hermeneutical approach provides new insights into the religious poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins and of T.
Additionally, he draws readers in with sound ("waiting for the snow, / the foam of bloom forgotten"), at times reminiscent of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
A few years later, I was back at the place to do a programme about the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins.
It's a collection of music interpretations of poems by the likes of Ogden Nash, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Robert Graves.
For those interested, Joseph Feeney has recently written a book on this giddy streak in Hopkins: The Playfulness of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Both Gerard Manley Hopkins and Marcus Clarke had artistic ambitions as well as literary ones.