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English poet (1844-1889)


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He admitted that some lines were "a bit weak and banal" but others were reminiscent of Thomas Hardy and Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Nixon, Gerard Manley Hopkins and His Contemporaries: Liddon, Newman, Darwin, and Pater (Garland, 1994), xviii + 324 pp.
A Gerard Manley Hopkins B William Barnes C Thomas Lovell Beddoes D Henry Newbolt All puzzles in this supplement are supplied by Sirius Media Services.
Craig Dworkin's Alkali feels like the bastard child of Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Victorian geologist Charles Lyell, Darwin's friend, by way of Utah's Great Basin.
I WAS interested to read in the "What's On" section in the ECHO, the feature dedicated to the saintly writer and poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Jimmy McGovern's intention to celebrate the priest's life and work at the Capstone Theatre.
As a 19th century poet Gerard Manley Hopkins never really set my heart racing but his namesake, a progressive son of Dubawi, has me singing off his hymnsheet in today's annual Doncaster showdown.
A personal anecdote (in a footnote) and astute quotations from Gerard Manley Hopkins accentuate the point elegantly and conclude this major contribution to Johannine studies.
I notice that in her article on Gerard Manley Hopkins (October 2014), Mary Hansen wrote Westminster Cathedral when she meant Westminster Abbey.
Gerard Manley, Managing Director & Global Head Cocoa, Olam
the belief that knowledge of God is best obtained not from revelation or scripture but rather from observation of the natural world, forms the subject of Hilary Fraser's "Aesthetics, Visuality and Feelings in the Natural Theology of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Alice Meynell" in Form and Feeling in Modern Literature: Essays in Flonour of Barbara Hardy, ed.
As Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote in his poem "God's Grandeur": "And for all this, nature is never spent;/There lives the dearest freshness deep down things .
As informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking, Sire writes with a true eloquence and a genuine engagement in the form of six 'arguments' drawn from a variety of sources ranging from Rene Descartes, Stanislaw Lem, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Virginia Woolf, Francisco Goya, literary theory, Jesus, and Jehovah.
STANDING on Nell's Point, Barry Island, watching the seagulls gliding gracefully on the strong winds, I was reminded of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem, The Windhover.
Sei Shonagon, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, Friedrich Holderlin, and Arthur Rimbaud give some idea of what one is entitled to hope for in a poem.
Farrell also read the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem 'The Leaden Echo And The Golden Echo' at her funeral and spoke later about how much he missed her.