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United States astronomer (born in the Netherlands) who studied the solar system and suggested in 1951 that there is a belt of comet-like debris at the edge of the solar system (1905-1973)

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Titan has fascinated researchers for 6 decades, ever since astronomer Gerard Kuiper analyzed sunlight reflecting off the moon and discovered methane in its atmosphere.
Astronomer Gerard Kuiper made such a proposal in the early 1950s, and Alan P.
The change had to do with international intrigue and national pride involving Danish-born astronomer Bengt Stromgren and Dutch-born astronomer Gerard Kuiper in the 1930s.
The discovery of Titan's atmosphere has been widely credited to Gerard Kuiper, who used the 82-inch reflector at McDonald Observatory in 1944 to photographically record the prominent absorption bands of methane gas in Titan's spectrum.
In the mid-1960s two pioneering planetary astronomers, William Hartmann and Gerard Kuiper, realized that the lava plain, named Mare Orientale, is the center of a giant impact basin that's surrounded by a trio of concentric rims.
At the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory in Tucson, Bill Hartmann and Gerard Kuiper were discovering that most lunar maria were confined within giant basins.
In 1951 Dutch-American astronomer Gerard Kuiper suggested that millions of bodies beyond Pluto are the source of short-period comets (as opposed to long-period and once-only comets, which come from much farther out).
My biggest criticism of Revolutionaries of the Cosmos is that it lacks planetary science as developed in the middle of the 20th century by such luminaries as Harold Urey, Jan Oort, and Gerard Kuiper.