Gerard Manley Hopkins

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English poet (1844-1889)


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13) Gerard Hopkins, "The Remarkable Sunsets," Nature 28 (1884): 222.
Jude Nixon provides a long and very interesting exploration of Hopkins' attitudes toward and ministry to the poor in "'if all had bread': Father Gerard Hopkins, the Condition of England Question and the Poor of Nazareth House" (pp.
As both poet and person he has long been known as serious and anguished, yet I have grown convinced that Gerard Hopkins was also playful, consistently playful, even compulsively playful, throughout his life" (p.
I intend here to address these questions by considering an as yet unnoticed coincidence which connects the nineteenth century publication of A Hundred Meditations on the Love of God with Gerard Hopkins, and demonstrates the likelihood that Hopkins not only read at least some of the Meditations, but may have been guided in his reading by its editor, Father John Morris, S.
Whereas Arnold revived pastoral myths and privileged a subjective approach to natural objects (the "signal-elm" is the trigger of his personal and artistic meditation), Gerard Hopkins potentiated the Romantic view of nature by training his senses to perceive "real" correspondences between matter and spirit.