Gerard Manley Hopkins

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English poet (1844-1889)


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POET Gerald Manley Hopkins was spot on when he waxed lyrical about the Vale of Clwyd, though for all I know he never spent a summer's evening on the terrace of the Three Pigeons Inn at Graigfechan.
Mr Gorrie, a well-known poet and special needs teacher, then read out a short poem by Gerald Manley Hopkins entitled Heaven-Haven.
But while it is a profoundly personal work, it is also highly literate, with references to Thoreau, Einstein, Blake, Dickinson, Wendell Berry, Gerald Manley Hopkins, and Adrienne Rich.
Gerald Manley Hopkins To paraphrase Brillat-Savarin, show me your yard and I'll tell you who you are.
Sometimes we just close our eyes and beg God, in the words of Gerald Manley Hopkins, to "send roots rain.