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(Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table


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We will be showcasing the latest production by Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, a translation by Geraint Lovgreen of 'Le Pere' (The Father) the play about dementia by Florian Zeller.
I thought I would be afraid to do something like that," Geraint said.
Geraint and Caitlyn are keen to make education a key element of every visit to the farm.
After winning the Test Town competition, Geraint and Caitlyn signed the lease on the farm land owned by Bridgend College and saw their dreams of running a farm park turned into a reality.
It was quite hard at times but the production company was understanding: and much of the filming was during the holidays, such as Easter, half-terms and summer," said Geraint.
Geraint is a bisclavret, a born werewolf who is a shapeshifter due to genetic inheritance, whereas Dupre is a loup-garou, an evil werewolf who has done a deal with the Dark Lord.
Tucker sees Geraint as a hero who is negotiating his role in a text that represents a kind of "generic miscegenation," and the Geraint and Enid idylls as "a trial of epic itself, in contest with the most vigorous claimant of the Victorian era to the honor of bearing the tale of the tribe: namely, the novel.
Geraint, 34, says he gets threatening phone calls every day and even protests at his gigs.
She believes it triggered schizophrenia in both Geraint and her oldest son, who is also in a secure hospital after burning down the family home last year.
We have selected Geraint Jones, because we believe he is the best wicketkeeper," he said.
Yes, Geraint dropped a straightforward catch at Old Trafford and missed a stumping that you would want to make.
Both texts present the story of a quest that Geraint embarks on to find and conquer a knight who offended Guinevere, and of another quest, which he pursues with Enid, his wife.
Geraint Griffith, 30, was riding his motorcycle in Anglesey, north Wales, when he collided with a lorry.
WHEN the 45 members of Team Geraint stand on the starting line of the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday, they will all be sharing a single thought.
That was until they were found accidentally by current owners Geraint and Emma Evans.