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(Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table


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Wnaethon ni gyfarfod ar ol Gemau Olympaidd Beijing, a dechrau mynd mas yn 2009, jyst cyn i fi ddechrau yn y brifysgol yn Lerpwl," meddai Sara, sydd fel Geraint, yn dod o Gaerdydd.
Geraint, who works at Specsavers, recognised that further tests would be needed to establish the cause of the problem.
Pan gawsom sgwrs roedd Geraint yn brysur yn paratoi arddangosfa sy'n cyn-fynd lansiad y llyfr yn Galeri Caernarfon nos yfory.
The repatriation at RAF Brize Norton of Flight Lieutenant Geraint Roberts, below left.
In 2012, Geraint spoke to S4C's Byd ar Bedwar programme about his family's worry for him while serving on the frontline.
And for rugby-mad Geraint, who watched Wales beat England at Twickenham seven days earlier, it was a double celebration, with Australia ensuring a World Cup quarter final spot for Wales by beating England 33-13.
Obviously we're very excited to be bringing Geraint on board.
Having raked over the painful memories, Geraint from Trebanos in Swansea Valley, has now published a novel whose main theme is coming to terms with the unwanted attentions of a bully and how it can cause anxiety and fear in a child.
At a time when several agricultural sectors, notably dairy farmers like Geraint Williams, are facing serious challenges to their livelihoods, such issues can be critically important.
Geraint is a bisclavret, a born werewolf who is a shapeshifter due to genetic inheritance, whereas Dupre is a loup-garou, an evil werewolf who has done a deal with the Dark Lord.
Tucker sees Geraint as a hero who is negotiating his role in a text that represents a kind of "generic miscegenation," and the Geraint and Enid idylls as "a trial of epic itself, in contest with the most vigorous claimant of the Victorian era to the honor of bearing the tale of the tribe: namely, the novel.
Geraint, 34, says he gets threatening phone calls every day and even protests at his gigs.
But within a few short years of this picture being taken, Geraint Evans had began his long dark spiral into addiction, madness.
But Graveney, announcing a 13-man squad to face Pakistan in the First Test, stressed that Geraint Jones was the right man to keep wicket.
Terrified Geraint Roberts was trying to move the 47-stone boar back to its pen when it turned on him.