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Synonyms for George

Christian martyr

King of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India from 1936 to 1947

King of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India from 1910 to 1936

King of Great Britain and Ireland and Hanover from 1820 to 1830

King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1820

King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover from 1727 to 1760 (1683-1760)

Elector of Hanover and the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714 to 1727 (1660-1727)

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Thomas Atherton, assistant coroner for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, told her: "You did everything you could in the circumstances to assist Georgie but, as [consultant histopathologis] Dr Fouad Alchami has indicated, Georgie must have died instantly in spite of your valiant efforts.
Her step-father John Cleary then took his own life when she was in her early teens and for some time Georgie struggled to cope with his loss.
Georgie becomes absorbed by new dreams and possibilities.
Georgie is a recipient of Thunder Bay Business Women's Excellence in Networking Award 2000.
Georgie Girl * Directed by Annie Goldson and Peter Wells * PBS, June 20, 10 P.
Although he does not say much at all, Georgie clearly is the only character in the novel who understands Martin.
I think of Georgie White, the woman who helped found the river-trip outfitting industry on the Colorado River in the early 1960s.
Yes, I remember young Georgie Petersfield," he said, mopping the tears that bisected his craggy face.
Malachy Doyle, who penned Georgie (Bloomsbury, pounds 5.
and the investment tax credit--whatever it was I got for them in the tax reform bill--and of course Furman has said he'll join Tim Lee in helping keep Georgie solvent.
Georgie had not liked the swamp in the best of weather; it was too wet, too dank, too eerie.
There are four bonus tracks too from Georgie Fame's 1967 Knock On Wood EP.
Georgie Ford, 23, knew about the dangerous cliff but thought she was safe as she sat 18ft from its face.
Parents Lauren McKenzie and George Haycock welcomed their precious little boy, Georgie Haycock, into the world on February 11, 2013.