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Synonyms for George

Christian martyr

King of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India from 1936 to 1947

King of Great Britain and Ireland and emperor of India from 1910 to 1936

King of Great Britain and Ireland and Hanover from 1820 to 1830

King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1820

King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover from 1727 to 1760 (1683-1760)

Elector of Hanover and the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714 to 1727 (1660-1727)

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Two minutes later Jess set up Georgie to fire home from 25 yards.
It was really nice to go along to the school and see what the money has paid for, it is what we have wanted all along, to make gifts on behalf of Georgie so that her legacy lives on.
But Georgie quickly asserted her dominance and he quickly recognised that he was at the bottom of the pack.
A haircut at Georgie's was at least a short-lived affair, especially after he took delivery of some new electric clippers, and Georgie would have you in and out of that barber's chair in five minutes flat, flourishing a hand mirror to show the back of your shorn head.
This time, Georgie joins Captain James (Ben Aldridge) and the rest of 2-section on a humanitarian relief effort in Nepal, following a series of devastating earthquakes.
We've already met her on a flashback to when Georgie and Elvis were on a rescue mission in Syria last year and Maisie is mouthy, macho and rebellious with a tendency to bend the rules.
Now Michelle Keegan is collecting passport stamps to more exotic locations as she returns as tiny-but-tough Army medic Georgie Lane.
In this addition to the series, Georgie and her long-time love are ready to wed, but her Majesty sends Georgie on another mission instead of blessing their union, and Georgie finds herself in the role of a foreign spy rather than a newlywed.
Finally, Milo ties Georgie to the end of a ball of yarn so she can go out, on one condition: she has to come home when he tugs the string twice.
Georgie is much more open and determined to find the fun in their new circumstance.
Georgie Bird celebrated turning 14 by watching her music idols at Glasgow's SSE Hydro.
Our Girl BBC1, 9pm The military drama returns with a fresh recruit in Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, an experienced army medic, who joins Captain James and 2 Section on a humanitarian tour to Kenya.