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a native or resident of the American state of Georgia

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a native or inhabitant of Georgia in Asia

a southern Caucasian language with 3 million speakers and a long literary tradition

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Best brands Georgian, none in market; second quality, 1851,
Georgians are hungry for the contact they have so long been denied under the old system.
The Georgians have made significant strides at modeling their Coast Guard after their U.
Less than half of Georgians (47%) now say that their country has to have good relations with Russia by all means -- down from 64% before the war.
7 million," said Nalbandov, noting that around 17,000 Georgians visit Egypt annually, especially Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada.
Erik Scott, the author of a new book on Georgians living within Russia, reminds us just what a key role various diasporas played in the formation and development of the Soviet Union.
Air Georgians fleet of CRJ aircraft is sited in Toronto mainly serving markets in the United States providing sixth freedom connections to Air Canada's expanding global network.
Iran's Zarif, for his part, said frequent meetings between Iranians and Georgians were indications of progress in bilateral relations in various sectors.
Although, Maya Karibides, the representative of Paphos' Greek Pontians and Georgians, said that liturgies were taking place in the ruins until 1935.
Georgian citizenship to ethnic Georgians, residing in Turkey.
I intend to explore the role that cultural institutions play for Azeris, who, like Georgians, also live with the legacy of imperial Russian and Soviet policy toward the Caucasus," she said.
We've been involved in other projects, in Ukraine for example, where we have invited Georgians to come from the Center to provide technical assistance themselves.
There have been a number of brief detentions of Georgians in recent weeks, mainly in South Ossetia, another Georgian breakaway area, which was the focus of last year's war between Tbilisi and Moscow.
Synopsis: Amid daily protests in May, a Gallup Poll shows Georgians were mixed on whether a new election should be called.
Media coverage is hugely biased in favour of Georgians