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a native or resident of the American state of Georgia

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a native or inhabitant of Georgia in Asia

a southern Caucasian language with 3 million speakers and a long literary tradition

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The Georgians now on hand are mostly last year's crop,
SATURDAY 28th November heralds the return of the much anticipated Georgian Day celebrations to Armagh City.
Georgian also seems to be harder to learn than Russian, as learners of Georgian assessed their language skills on average lower than Russian speakers with a comparable amount of prior study.
Global Banking News-11 November 2009-RBC Dexia wins capital mandate from Georgian Capital(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
In August 2007, a new conflict occurred: the Georgian missile incident.
RUSSIA battled Georgian forces on land and sea despite a Georgian ceasefire offer and its claim to be withdrawing from South Ossetia.
Whereas the idea was good, the problem was that the tax code was so poorly translated from English that it was not readable in Georgian.
Huge billboards are going up in town with the smiling faces of the Georgian and American presidents.
He says: "Places like Faulkner Square and Georgian terraces along the likes of Canning Street are now fetching in the region of pounds 500,000.
A POWERFUL new campaign group has set up in Liverpool to protect the city's Georgian jewels.
The Georgian International Oil Corporation said the project involves the restoration of a gas line that runs through Azerbaijan and was used to import Iranian gas in the 1980s.
The United States assistance did not play a role in the choice exercised by the Georgian people for a change in leadership nor should it have.
So says Euro MP Glenys Kinnock, who has received a letter from the Georgian President, Eduard Shevardnadze, following Mr Shaw's escape in the East European country last month.
And as a Georgian Russian, of course, he felt the rhythms and the strangeness .
In both instances, the separatists beat back the Georgian army and now enjoy de facto autonomy.
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