Georgia pine

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large three-needled pine of southeastern United States having very long needles and gnarled twisted limbs

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Their reverence for Georgia pine fascinated him, because in his own wood collection he had a timber removed from the old Hanover Street Bridge, which was torn down nearly a century ago.
Baugh a little: Once he is face to face with a big, 3-century-old Georgia pine, did he really think his lust for wood wouldn't prevail?
com)-- Third Wave Digital continues to expand its expertise of specialty websites with the launch of two new Community Service Board (CSB) websites: Georgia Pines Community Service Board and Lookout Mountain Community Service.
This allows Georgia Pines to easily update their information to keep it fresh and relevant.
There was Rory McIlroy's meltdown, Tiger Woods' late charge, a leaderboard with eight different players on top during the back nine and a barrage of birdies that sent roar after roar echoing through those famous Georgia pines.
Stalking through the placid Georgia pines in search of wild hogs, BowTech Admiral in hand, Sgt.
The sacramental sense of that evening flowed into the next afternoon when some 22,000 people, a phalanx of towering Georgia pines standing against a stunning blue sky as witness, formed in procession.
Even so, Norman remains one of the most pitiable figures ever to stroll among the Georgia pines, his legacy seemingly epitomized by a stunning loss to Nick Faldo at the 1996 Masters.
Faldo faced a lost weekend with tradition forcing him to remain among the Georgia pines to drape the green jacket around the shoulders of his successor after today's final round.
Instead of hitting a 40-yard hook out of a forest of Georgia pines -- the signature shot in his playoff victory two years ago -- the final act Sunday at Augusta National took place on the 18th green.
His presence looms as large as some of the Georgia pines lining the fairways, though it will be forgotten when the opening shot is in the air Thursday, and a green jacket is awarded Sunday.
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