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2002 first general national census in Georgia [monograph on the Internet].
Following are the top 10 reasons Atlanta, Georgia, is the best site for the FTAA Secretariat.
One Georgia Bank is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Patton to its diverse board of directors, which includes successful entrepreneurs and community leaders.
Risks and uncertainties inherent in these assumptions include, but are not limited to difficulties in integrating Royal Group's business, uncertainties relating to Royal Group's business and liabilities, uncertainties following completion of the acquisition regarding operating efficiencies and competitive conditions, future global economic conditions, economic conditions in the industries to which Georgia Gulf and Royal Group sell, industry production capacity, raw material and energy costs and other factors discussed in the Securities and Exchange Commission filings of Georgia Gulf Corporation, including our annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2005, and our subsequent reports on Form 10-Q.
Telecom Georgia joins iBasis' growing customer base of more than 450 carriers worldwide, who rely on iBasis to complete their international calls over the company's global VoIP network and to provide a reliable and growing source of inbound traffic from which they derive termination revenue.
We currently have more than forty technologies working their way through the Georgia Tech VentureLab process," said Stephen Fleming, Georgia Tech's chief commercialization officer.
Because we wanted to know where Georgia Gulf's customers stand on EDI before making any decisions, we used a survey to question them about their current and future use of EDI.
Once I did that, which was late afternoon, I know now the right thing for me and my family is to be at Georgia.
Commerce Department data on Georgia exports and an estimation of imports to gauge Georgia's international trade and its trade balance.
Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation (AMEX: SGB):
It's easy to find most Georgia teams under the conference formats.
Cole currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of Southwest Georgia Financial Corporation and Executive Vice President and Cashier of its subsidiary, Southwest Georgia Bank.
Since then, Georgia has been waiting -- waiting for golden eagles to establish themselves in Georgia.
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