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French writer (born in Belgium) best known for his detective novels featuring Inspector Maigret (1903-1989)

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Chorion also owns and manages the literary works of Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler and Georges Simenon, among others.
VILNIUS - The most scandalous Lithuanian criminal cases are becoming so paranormal that they would raise the eyebrows of Agatha Christie, Georges Simenon and the authors of Twin Peaks.
What distinguishes the Maigret stories of Georges Simenon (19031989) (1) from the detective fiction of authors like Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle is their attention to the humanity of both the investigator and the investigated.
Or, if you perhaps have more time than sense, tried to plough through a Georges Simenon novel.
Georges Simenon, creator of Maigret lived and wrote here, not far from St Pholien's Church.
8) Georges Simenon wrote of the physician-detective Jean Dollent, MD, in The Little Doctor.
These authors may not rate the same name recognition as earlier "exiles" here--say, Hesse, Joyce, Thomas Mann, Shelley, Byron, Nabokov, Georges Simenon, or Patricia Highsmith.
An English lawyer and author of books about Georges Simenon, Lord Goddard, and international crime, Bresler says that he treated this book as a work of investigation.
He offers up artist Rene Magritte, poet/dramatist Maurice Maeterlinck, authors Georges Simenon and Maguerite Yourcenar, King Leopold II, and several more obscure compatriots.
Greene and Fleming were not quite as bad as Georges Simenon, who would have sex behind the dining room with a visitor at breakfast time and have the incident in his latest book at lunchtime.
He has worked with writers as varied as Georges Simenon and Cocteau and composers such as Sauguet, Messaien, and Marius Constant.
The key estates within this division are Agatha Christie and Georges Simenon.
This highly illustrated book accompanies an exhibit of original documents by Georges Simenon, the most widely read and translated Belgian novelist, in the permanent collection at the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts of Brussels.
Maigret oedd y gyfres deledu rhwng 1960 -63 a oedd yn seiliedig ar storiau Georges Simenon a'r cymeriad Commissaire Jules Maigret, y ditectif hynod hwnnw.