George du Maurier

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English writer and illustrator

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27/) Letter to George Du Maurier of 27 July 1895, formerly in the collection of Daphne Du Maurier.
i) George Du Maurier, ii) George Eliot, iii) George Moore, iv) George Orwell, and v) George Sand.
The name of what type of hat takes its name from a play based on a George du Maurier novel of the same name?
Whitely, Derek, George Du Maurier, Art and Technic, London, 1948.
The English mania for blue and white china, commented on by George du Maurier in Punch, and traded in by Whistler, Rossetti, and other associates, formed a basis for the appreciation of pattern and surface which is embodied in the room.
In the course of these discussions, I was told by a man who'd known him in his lifetime that Shaw had once accosted and threatened to duff up the novelist George du Maurier ( Daphne's grandfather) in revenge for an implied insult to Shaw's mother.