Washington's Birthday

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the day on which George Washington is remembered

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Javits Convention Center during the New York Home Textiles Show, is scheduled to launch in stores by February to coincide with George Washington's birthday.
Thus moments of national unity, such as George Washington's birthday or the Fourth of July, became occasions for partisan political rallies, parades and social events that often signalled the deep divisions between or within ethnic communities.
It is always celebrated at the time of George Washington's birthday, who was a military engineer and land surveyor.
Celebrate the national observance of George Washington's Birthday by visiting his home and burial site FREE of charge on this day.
SIMI VALLEY - A series of special events are scheduled for this week at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, including a celebration of Presidents Day, George Washington's birthday and a cherry blossom festival.
President Calvin Coolidge spoke to a coast to coast audience on the occasion of George Washington's birthday in 1924, and his words were carried over just 42 stations.
More than 200 people turned out at Athol-Royalston Middle School yesterday for the 89th annual George Washington's birthday hatchet hunt - a free event sponsored by the Athol Area YMCA and the Athol Fire Department to promote the first president's virtues of honesty and hard work.
22, George Washington's birthday, rather than remember him for the cherry tree fable, we should focus on his farewell address in 1796 wherein he urged his fellow countrymen ``to avoid involvement in the wars and domestic affairs of other nations.
No, it's not about forgiveness; it's about the annual celebration of President George Washington's birthday.
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