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1st President of the United States

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Celebrate the national observance of George Washington's Birthday by visiting his home and burial site FREE of charge on this day.
Reports suggest that George Washington's stallion career is not yet over, with an expert brought from the US to determine his prospects.
It's a tragedy that the descendants of George Washington's most majestic tree have been destroyed in one fell swoop," said James Rees, executive director of Washington's Mount Vernon estate.
Thank you very much for having this idea to put George Washington's portrait back into schools across the United States.
Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, Mount Vernon's librarian came across the book title and purchased a replacement in the same edition in order to return it to its rightful owner and to clear George Washington's name from the possibility of 221 years of overdue fines.
He added: "Going into Saturday's race, the best performance among the runners to match George Washington's 2,000 Guineas was Proclamation's success in last year's Sussex Stakes.
His Royal Highness, The Duke of York will join public officials and American master distillers at Historic Mount Vernon September 27 to celebrate the official dedication of the reconstructed George Washington's Distillery adjacent to the Gristmill, 5514 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon, Virginia.
But the Celebration Mile at Goodwood was not George Washington's World Cup.
95 Million Project Designed to Restore George Washington's Preeminent Place in U.
1 -- 2 -- color) George Washington's former home at Mount Vernon, top, stands on a grassy hill above the Potomac River in Virginia.
The George Washington White Plains sycamore was grown from seed of the huge old tree that shaded General George Washington's headquarters near White Plains, New York, during America's Revolutionary War.
Washington Old Hall incorporates parts of the original medieval home of George Washington's direct ancestors.
GEORGE WASHINGTON'S reemergence from the stratosphere, splashing down at The Curragh on Saturday after a three-week flight, did not seem calamitous at the time.
George Washington's image, which has been part of First American Funds' identity since 2001, will also figure prominently in FAF Advisors' branding.
The bounty on George Washington's head is considerable already, and the Derby is not going to alter that considerably.
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