George W. Bush

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Weiner and Wallace also touch on suppression created in Florida voting and the recount overseen by Florida Secretary of State and chief state election officer, Katherine Harris, who the authors also point out was a co-chair of the George W.
My wife has mentioned that if Bush wins, it will be bad from a household finances point of view," says David Corn, author of 2003's The Lies of George W.
2000 vote: Gore, only because as a Texan I already had strong reservations about George W.
Having found the voters willing to let him try again, George W.
But those whose confidence you have do talk, and what emerges is a real cynicism about what George W.
As such, Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W.
Bush On God and Country," by Tom Freiling (Allegiance Press/FaithWorks) and "A Man of Faith: The Spiritual Journey of George W.
Gilbert Smith is either unaware of or misrepresents the actual facts when he blames President George W.
Former president George Bush tells Newsweek that his son, President-elect George W.
Bill Clinton may have been Commander in Briefs, but American women say President George W.
Yet the record shows that federal spending actually grew at a slower rate under liberal Democrat Bill Clinton than it did under President George Bush (the elder), or is now growing under President George W.
It's not their lives at risk when their friend George W.
That a clear division separates partisans of Vice President Gore and Texas Governor George W.