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imaginative British writer concerned with social justice (1903-1950)

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A recurrent theme of Hollis's A Study of George Orwell is that, despite his atheism, Orwell possessed a religious sensibility, even a spiritual hunger, a yearning for the kind of meaning that Hollis had gained as a Catholic.
We are retracing the journey George Orwell made in his book,The Road to Wigan Pier, throughout 2018 to tell modern stories of working and unemployed poverty.
When George Orwell moved to Morroco for his health in the late 1930s, Jack and his wife Mary, from Byker, moved into his house at Wallington in Hertfordshire, which is where Peter spent much of his childhood.
Reading these diaries leaves one, as always when encountering the words of George Orwell, with a confirmed admiration for the sterling qualities that have made him a benchmark for integrity and a lodestar for writers and thinkers across the ideological spectrum.
His real name was Eric Blair, but he later wrote under the psuedonom George Orwell.
In 1933, he adopted the pseudonym George Orwell as a tribute to the monarch of England and the River Orwell in Suffolk.
London, July 31 (ANI): The humble abode, where George Orwell decided that he wanted to be a writer, is up for sale at the price of just over 1 million pounds.
Suggesting to the teenager that George Orwell may provide a useful, and relatively short, way to deal with a literature assignment resulted in Animal Farm being dismissed as unrealistic (a story about animals
To the student at IKNS (GDN February 2) and other youngsters who praise/blame technology, the following quote from George Orwell might be a pointer: "The machine has got to be accepted, but it is probably better to accept it rather as one accepts a drug - that is, grudgingly and suspiciously.
IWAS advised by a reader last week not to line up George Orwell on the side of Eurosceptic nationalism.
It's near where, in 1937, George Orwell copped a sniper's bullet in his throat.
George Orwell was an essayist before all, producing many short nonfiction works on the events of his times.
George Orwell was a fine essayist and successful critic, discussing art and literature with equal ability--and ALL ART IS PROPAGANDA: CRITICAL ESSAYS is a key recommendation for all kinds of libraries, from college-level collections strong in literature and social observation to collection also strong in art criticism.
This diary entry was written by George Orwell, the British author whose works include 1984 and Animal Farm.
While MI5 kept tabs on famed socialist writer George Orwell for more than two decades they did not believe he was involved with mainstream Communism, records revealed today.