George Meredith

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English novelist and poet (1828-1909)


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5) See George Macaulay Trevelyan, The Poetry and Philosophy of George Meredith (London: Constable, 1906); Ralph B.
It is difficult to conceive of Arnold venturing into the confessional, revelatory discourse associated with the sonnet sequences of Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Dante Gabriel Rossetti, or, indeed, of George Meredith.
The area was first settled in 1821 by Lieutenant George Meredith of the Royal Marines and two of his tenant farmers, Adam and John Amos.
One boy, a George Meredith, chose the theatre for his subject and I will remember his opening line - 'It looks like a factory from afar.
I'M writing with regard to a picture in your paper sent in by George Meredith from Allerton.
As George Meredith put it so well in The Ordeal of Richard Feverel, "Kissing don't last: Cookery do
Such is the persuasiveness of Mervyn Jones's presentation of George Meredith as a modern novelist and poet astonishingly ahead of his time, that one may speculate on the societies he would have joined today and the movements he would have embraced.
Adventurous George Meredith, 12, tumbled more than 200ft after slipping as he attempted a dangerous climb.
These range from Dean Martin's `You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on' to `Good wine lights the candelabra of the brain' from George Meredith.
anthology, Sonnets of this Century, George Meredith responded: "The
Ethos and behavior; the English novel from Jane Austen to Henry James (including George Meredith, W.
Novelists George Gissing, George McDonald, George Meredith, and Charlotte Yonge lived into the early years of the twentieth century, and are thus included in the twentieth-century volume, despite the fact that most of their work was written and published in the nineteenth century.
Although his first collection of Poems (1851) received a fair measure of raise from reviewers and a handsome compliment from Tennyson, George Meredith soon came to regard the book as an embarrassment and later wished he could suppress it entirely.
Youngster George Meredith, of Cannock Wood, Burntwood, Staffordshire, fell more than 200ft after slipping on loose rocks.
George Meredith, executive vice president, Life Sciences Sector and