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United States general and statesman who as Secretary of State organized the European Recovery Program (1880-1959)

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In the 1970s George Marshall gave his collection to the Postgraduate Education Centre at Ronkswood.
It is about Secretary of War Stimson, who agreed with George Marshall, but gave more agonizing thought to the implications of using the atomic bombs against Japan than anyone else.
Jason Thorne (2), Jack Harvey and Mark Dunn scored for Chepstow with George Marshall netting the consolation for the capital-based side.
He seems to consider himself, ludicrously, a leader similar to the likes of Harry Truman and George Marshall, and, at one point, he obliquely questioned Mr.
The seminar was organized by Germany-Central Asia Parliamentary Group, Ministry of Defense of Germany, Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, George Marshall European Center for Security Studies.
The central role of George Marshall is explored, along with that which Bedell Smith played in supporting Eisenhower.
He challenges several ideas about the war, including that a large amount of munitions from American factories defeated Axis powers, that General Albert Wedemeyer devised the strategic and industrial plan that would win the war, and that Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall went to the Casablanca conference to push for a 1943 invasion of Northern Europe.
Smith's career was additionally influenced by a relationship with George Marshall, whom he idolized.
In 2006, View of Tinherir, painted in 1951 and presented to General George Marshall in 1953, was sold at auction by Sothebys for pounds 612,800.
She married George Marshall on June 30, 1974, in Washington.
Named after its architect US secretary of state George Marshall, the original Marshall Plan was launched by the US in 1947 to rebuild Western Europe after the Second World War.
When, at the end of World War II, George Marshall received word that Germany had surrendered, he put on his best uniform and visited Harry Truman.
The placement of my name anywhere near that of George Marshall is also incredibly humbling.
30 (Petra) -- The Royal Jordanian National Defense College in cooperation with George Marshall Center for Security Studies organized a conference on exploration of dimensions in facing ideological support for terrorism and ideological temptation for extremism.
Their adventures take an extra turn for the fearsome when they eavesdrop on a conversation between estate owner John Blackhall and General George Marshall about the atomic bomb