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United States general and statesman who as Secretary of State organized the European Recovery Program (1880-1959)

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I need not remind this audience again of what George Marshall said that day, for we can see today across Europe the realization of what became a shared vision--a peaceful, industrious and prosperous continent, free from tyranny, possessing the military strength to defend itself from aggression.
One of my favorite George Marshall aphorisms is: "Don't fight the problem.
Wheeler believes the source of Ike's reticence towards Devers started in North Africa, when George Marshall sent his chief of the Armored Force to check on early operations.
To rebuild the devastated Europe after World War II, the then US Secretary of Stare George Marshall issued a call for a comprehensive economic programme which is known as Marshall Plan.
This last-ditch holdout was so fierce that in January of 1945, President Eisenhower said to George Marshall, "It is a very bad thorn in our side today.
ABOUT HALFWAY THROUGH George Marshall: A Biography, the authors describe a scene between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and General Dwight Eisenhower just after Roosevelt had selected Eisenhower over army Chief of Staff George Marshall to command the invasion of Normandy.
Ryan's three brothers had been recently killed in the war, making Ryan the sole surviving son, Army Chief of Staff George Marshall ordered that Ryan be found and saved.
George Marshall, 54, is charged with causing the death of Cathie Bonner by driving dangerously.
But the starting-point for Worcester's engagement with the subject is really George Marshall.
It is named after US Secretary of State George Marshall.
A student of many great leaders throughout history, he referred to George Marshall, who Ellis argued is widely recognized as one of the greatest soldiers and statesmen of all time.
The seminar was organized by Germany-Central Asia Parliamentary Group, Ministry of Defense of Germany, Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, George Marshall European Center for Security Studies.
George Marshall, twice, Rhys Gale and Gareth Courtman were on target for Whitchurch with Martin Jones netting for Stanleytown.
He challenges several ideas about the war, including that a large amount of munitions from American factories defeated Axis powers, that General Albert Wedemeyer devised the strategic and industrial plan that would win the war, and that Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall went to the Casablanca conference to push for a 1943 invasion of Northern Europe.
In 2006, View of Tinherir, painted in 1951 and presented to General George Marshall in 1953, was sold at auction by Sothebys for pounds 612,800.