George M. Cohan

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United States songwriter and playwright famous for his patriotic songs (1878-1942)

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Then when he became more famous and wrote his autobiography, in which he claimed North Brookfield as his hometown, the town reciprocated, and on the occasion of Connie Mack Day in 1934, George M.
David Armstrong's new take on the life of George M.
Though Cagney had made his film reputation as a tough guy, he originally began his career as a song and dance man, which is why it's no surprise that he was able to combine his screen charisma and musical talents and parlay them into an Oscar-winning performance as composer-entertainer George M.
Cady, Richard Ericson and Project George presentation of a musical in two acts with book by Ericson and Judith Swift with Paul Grellong, music by George M.
His first play, The House of Glass (1915), was a crime story written in collaboration with <IR> GEORGE M.
music rights licensing organization, was founded in 1914 (charter members included Irving Berlin, George M.
A Goodspeed Opera House presentation of a musical in two acts with music and lyrics by George M.
What keeps it alive is its history - the fact that it once numbered among its members the likes of Irving Berlin, George M.
Are you a Yankee Doodle Dandy, as the old George M.
There is that famous scene in `Yankee Doodle Dandy,' in which Jimmy Cagney as George M.