George IV

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King of Great Britain and Ireland and Hanover from 1820 to 1830

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HIT George IV Bridge branch, which is popular with students at nearby university
A monochrome postcard from the around the 1920s gives us a general view of Eston showing the chapel and the George IV public house.
The festival is scheduled to be held in the Carmarthenshire market town on George IV Fields on Saturday.
The Duke of Cumberland's nephew George IV had a number of different colours registered when he was Prince of Wales and in 1783 these were recorded as crimson and purple.
To the north, in the middle of Lichfield, the Back Room Jazz Club meets tonight (Thursday) at the George IV pub in Bore Street.
The Royal Collection holds what is probably the finest and certainly the largest collection of this porcelain in the world, most of it acquired by that voracious collector George IV.
Prinny and his pals; George IV and his remarkable gift of friendship.
Dear Aunt of Geroge Hynes III and his wife Heidi of Ayer, Sharon Hynes of GA, Timothy Hynes and his wife Nancy of Pepperell, and Great Aunt of Phoebe, George IV, and Emma Jan Hynes.
To do this she first describes the reigns of George IV (as Regent and King) and of William IV.
ON THE SUNNY JUNE DAY in 1830 when George IV (who had been king since 1820) died, Ton] Moore, the poet, wrote:
The library is one of just three in the UK that takes a copy of every book and magazine published in Britain, and as such is running out of space at its A-listed building on George IV bridge, Edinburgh.
By the time George IV became King, he had lived at Carlton House some thirty years, and with the help of five successive architects had spent vast sums, altering, improving, furnishing, and forever changing his plans.
In reviewing a book on how King George IV in the late 18th century had to keep his marriage to the Catholic Maria Fitzherbert a secret, the editor, William Oddie, quoted another writer as saying how in the early twentieth century Englishmen were still very conscious that at the Reformation England had chosen the Protestant side.
9 editorial incorrectly listed George IV as having reigned 59 years as king of England.
His lively qualities have made George IV the subject of many books, some of which have either excused or ignored his character by concentrating on his exceptional patronage of all the arts.