George I

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Elector of Hanover and the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714 to 1727 (1660-1727)

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The author of this book, the most productive and consequential student of British diplomatic history during the long eighteenth century, and arguably--with his magisterial study of George III--the leading biographer of the post-1714 royal family since James Pope-Hennessy, has now, not for the first time it must be admitted, turned his attention to the reign of George I.
The other painting in the library is Sir Godfrey Kneller's George I, in elaborate gold frame, above the fireplace.
We hear what an acrimonious lot they were; of the awful rift between George I and his heir, which led to the king chucking his wife and son out of their home at Kensington, but retaining the king's young children, and how history repeated itself when, as king, George II expelled his son, Prince Frederick, from St James's Palace.
George I would have felt quite at home, after all, in this country, even though to the wider populace he appeared stiff and aloof.
George I arrived in England a man in his fifties with considerable political and military experience, but no knowledge of the English language.