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United States astronomer who discovered that sunspots are associated with strong magnetic fields (1868-1938)


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In the view of Ma'an, they attempt to legitimize a continued policy of isolation for Jared for which the legal rationale is foggy at best, said network spokesman George Hale.
George Hale is a journalist with Ma'an News Agency, a Palestinian newswire.
Anyone with information should contact PC Philip Eastwood or PC George Hale at the road traffic investigation team on 01422 337235 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
He chronicles the work of pioneering astronomers such as William Herschel and George Hale, whose personal investments in telescope technology led to landmark discoveries.
I first met George Hale while a student at Valley College in the late 1950s.
Mr Memery, who police described as vulnerable, said he was just popping out but has not returned to his house on George Hale Avenue.
A major source of disappointment to Bailey was the lack of official recognition afforded his horseshoe-yoke mount by George Hale and others connected with the 200-inch telescope project when that design was officially chosen for the telescope in 1936.
Other team members are: examination board worker Kate Balfour, aged 46, of Coten End, Warwick; civil servant Christine Clarke, aged 38, of Hillmorton, Rugby; Vivienne Dodds, retired, aged 63, of Nuneaton; legal secretary Ann Eades, aged 35, of Bedworth; Betty Fox, retired, aged 63, of Coventry; tourist officer George Hale, aged 47, of Welford-on-Avon, Stratford; Terry Ivens, aged 42, from Rugby; council officer Sarah Lewis, age 34, of Earlsdon, Coventry; Peter Nairn, retired, aged 72, of Kenilworth, and customer services officer Susan Womble, aged 51, of Rugby.
Avenel, New Jersey Straight Truck Champion Thomas Carr -- Springfield, Missouri Twins Champion Sam Christopher -- Greenville, South Carolina 3-Axle Champion Mark Cotter -- Madison, Wisconsin 3-Axle Champion Ken Epley -- Chicago, Illinois Straight Champion Stephen Faucett (Rookie of the Year) -- Springfield, Missouri 3-Axle Champion Tony Gemma -- West Chester, Pennsylvania 4-Axle Champion Robert Granstrom (Rookie of the Year) -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 3-Axle Champion George Hale (Grand Champion) -- Memphis, Tennessee Straight Truck Champion Adolph Heyward, Jr.
Canadians Arthur James Cryderman (of the Saskatoon Light Infantry), Edwin Barnard Martin, George Hale and John Gordon Galaher (the latter three of the Essex Scottish Regiment) all defected to and served in the Waffen SS during the Second World War.
INQUIRY Det Supt George Hale directs the search for Alan Raffle in Kielder Forest in 1986