George Guess

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Cherokee who created a notation for writing the Cherokee language (1770-1843)

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Allegedly drawing on "more than six hundred documents written by George Guess himself on thick ruled ledger books, small leather-bound note books, scraps of paper, edges of early eighteenth- and nineteenth-century newspapers, white buckskin, corn shuck paper, and mulberry and cedar bark"--not to mention tribal records and interviews "a little mouldy from being buried in caves"--he purports to have worked out the real story from an impressive array of unaccounted-for primary sources
All the documents refer to Sequoyah as George Guess (Foreman 3-4).
The story of Sequoyah's life, like that of Nat Turner, remains shrouded by imaginatively reconstructed biographical hearsay--but unlike Turner's case, whites found much to celebrate in George Guess.