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100 groszy equal 1 zloty in Poland

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En Alemania9 lo se manifesto adoptando un caracter politico radical con George Grosz, Huelsenbeck y Heartfield con un empleo de la tipografia secundario; sin embargo, con un aspecto propagandistico que revela conexiones con la vanguardia artistica sovietica.
Works by Austrian expressionist Oskar Kokoschka, German Danish painter and printmaker Emil Nolde and German artists George Grosz and Max Beckmann, among others, are also on view.
Names to the second team were senior running back Matt Pedone of Holden, junior offensive lineman George Grosz, senior offensive lineman Jack Dustin, senior defensive linemen Mike Stupiello and Emmanuel Riggins and senior defensive back Erik Abramson.
Anthony Ward's triumphant sets, inspired by German Expressionist George Grosz, look terrific, revolving and rising up out of the floor, and towering over the proceedings in an ideally threatening and atmospheric manner.
So we have this real mix of George Grosz and continental stuff, and then John's stuff which is also very interesting, which is the Yoko Ono, Colin Sell, David Tremlett, all sorts of fascinating people that I really wouldn't have understood or known about.
When George Grosz called his autobiography A Little Yes and a Big No, he knew whereof he spoke, with his Weimar grimace.
Tulli's poetic prose gives us imagery that's as searing as the Weimar paintings of George Grosz as she describes her version of Poland in the style of magical realism.
A dispute over works by artist George Grosz is revealing the role a German Jewish dealer played in reselling "degenerate" art confiscated by the Nazis in the United States.
La linea barbaro-realista fue seguida por el grupo de la Nueva Objetividad, surgido en 1925, donde predominaron las personalidades de Otro Dix y George Grosz.
My puppetry influences included Julie Taymor and Bread and Puppet, in addition to George Grosz and other communist-influenced artists of the 1920s and '30s.
El dibujo es post-expresionista (digamos: entre George Grosz y Robert Crumb), con algunas paginas en clave abstracta; pero revela la existencia de un artista con un estilo propio.
In New York, "I went to study with George Grosz at the Art Students League.
Some of the exiles, such as Max Beckmann and George Grosz came with bags full of illusions about America, especially on the American West.
John Dos Passos, discussing the artist George Grosz, "Grosz Comes to America," Esquire, September 1936
Featuring the work of nineteen artists, "Controversy" is primarily a painting exhibition rife with the influences of many "controversials" from George Grosz to Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo to L.