George Ellery Hale

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United States astronomer who discovered that sunspots are associated with strong magnetic fields (1868-1938)


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After the permanent establishment of the NRC, George Ellery Hale secured a $5 million gift from the Carnegie Institute to endow its programs and fund a new building on the National Mall, as well as additional grants from the Rockefeller and Engineering Foundations.
George Ellery Hale, who founded the observatory, changed all that.
Anniversaries: 10th: The grave of Queen Boadicea located by archaeologists under Platform 8 at King's Cross Station in London; 40th: Dudley-born footballer Duncan Edwards died, aged 21, after the Munich air crash; 60th: Death of American astronomer George Ellery Hale.
The people and systems, which are expected to process 3,000 building permits a a year, are located in one of Pasadena's most elegant, historic treasures, the George Ellery Hale building, across the street from City Hall.
The award, an Honorary Prize in memory of George Ellery Hale, is conferred once every two years to a scientist for outstanding contributions, over an extended period of time, to the field of solar astronomy.
Aficionados have ranged from the early English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, whose 'Treatise on the Astrolabe' of 1391 was written for a 10-year old boy, through the nineteenth-century pioneer of spectroscopic astronomy, William Huggins, to George Ellery Hale, the erstwhile promoter of giant telescopes.
Founded by George Ellery Hale, a scientist who helped revolutionize astronomy, the Mount Wilson Observatory has played an important scientific role since it opened in 1904.