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British writer of novels characterized by realistic analysis of provincial Victorian society (1819-1880)

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Stuart Annan joined the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in 2006 as a non-executive director before becoming chairman in December 2009.
By the 1860s, after her great successes, Marian Evans Lewes as George Eliot attained literary status, thus opening the way for single women and wives to come and visit her.
Paris writes that George Eliot "shared with most nineteenth-century novelists the illusion that suffering and frustration can make you into a noble person .
A Return to the Primal Self: Identity in the Fiction of George Eliot.
Imagine a man as objectively absorbed as it is possible to be in the work he is doing for its own sake, quite free from oblique glances at minor results, knowing nothing of jealousy, and open as day to sympathy in the work of others: you have then imagined my husband', wrote George Eliot in 1875 (Letters, ed.
Editors, in order to give useful and in many cases necessary explanatory notes, must steep themselves in the details of Renaissance Florence much as George Eliot herself did.
George Eliot and the Landscape of Time: Narrative Form and Protestant Apocalyptic History.
BURGESS HILL, United Kingdom -- Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare information technology, today announced that George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in Warwickshire is in "live" production with the CoPathPlus(TM) from Misys anatomic pathology module.
MEMBERS of the public are invited to attend a Health Fair of services at the George Eliot Hospital.
As it is, readers of his book have rather a narrow range of reader responses to George Eliot presented to them.
Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare IT and part of Misys plc, today announced that it has signed an addendum agreement with George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
Dignitaries came out to pay their respects to writer George Eliot and lay a wreath at her obelisk on Sunday.
Haight in a letter to the TLS (15 March 1974) asked for help in his search for an original George Eliot manuscript bound into volumes of The Works of George Eliot, the large paper edition published by Houghton Mifflin in 1924.
NASDAQ:SUNQ), announced George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust as the first international hospital to purchase Sunquest's IntelliCare(R) clinical information systems.