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United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)

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On June 25, 1876, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and 2,000 Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne wiped out George Custer and his Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of Little Big Horn.
If Lennon had planned the attack by the Cheyenne and the Sioux at the Little Bighorn then Colonel George Custer would have won.
George Custer, New Coke and Conan O'Brien all were examples of strategic failures, Thompson presents useful tips to help make your marketing plan a strategic success.
London, June 28 (ANI): An American flag found at Little Bighorn after Lt Col George Custer and nearly 270 men were wiped out by Indian warriors, could rake in a whopping 3.
George Custer (Bill Hader) stands around trying to decide what to do.
Under direct orders from Sheridan, General George Custer led his army battalion in a surprise attack on the sleeping villages of Cheyenne, Arapahoe and other groups camped along the Washita River in what is now Oklahoma.
17) In fact he was so successful that the Union commander General Sherman ordered one of his young up-and-comers, George Custer to deal with his former classmate.
Before he rode out to battle the Sioux and Cheyenne at Little Bighorn General George Custer purchased a life insurance policy to protect his family.
George Custer, assuming a sort of legendary status in American history as he fought to the end against an overpowering foe.
And Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert) bests her fog of alcoholism just long enough to provide a history lesson on her time with George Custer for Martha Bullock's (Anna Gunn) schoolchildren.
George Custer, riding a horse, racing Buffalo Bill Cody, on a mule, over rough terrain.
He is General George Custer in They Died with Their Boots On, from 1941, when he, Debord, born December 28, 1931, would have been nine; he is Major Geoffrey Vickers in The Charge of the Light Brigade, made in 1936, when he would have been four.
It's said that General George Custer always took his 22 greyhounds with him when he travelled and liked to sleep in a ``sea'' of dogs.
In 1878, just two years after General George Custer and his troops were annihilated by the Sioux at the Little Big Horn, General Samuel Chapman Armstrong welcomed the first Indians to the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, the Virginia school he had founded 10 years before for the education of blacks.